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Barbara Ballantyne

Research on Irish Crochet, Mary Card Crochet and Australian Needlelace.

Australian Lace Guild

Learn about lace. Find a teacher. Find out about meetings and who to contact.

Lets Lace

Yvette is from New Zealand.
Her main aim is to help and inspire beginners and to pass on the tradition of bobbin lacemaking.

OIDFA - The International Bobbin and Needle Lace Organisation

OIDFA is an organization for lacemakers of different countries (currently over 40) with a focus that transcends nationality.
OIDFA’s activities reflect its international focus.
The most obvious manifestation of this is its biennial World Lace Congress.
Congresses have been held in different European countries, but also in Japan and Australia.

Masters and Makers

Masters & Makers is an international magazine that features arts and crafts from around the world.
It hosts a global community of people who create incredible work.
Though it specializes in hand-made lace, it aspires to find the most beautiful and unique crafts.
Join the mission, whether you are a master, a maker, or an admirer!

Carolina de la Guardia

Lace maker and designer. Expert in Spanish lace: Hinojosa.