Since taking over the business, Mettler Cottons have changed. What used to be Mettler Quilting is now Silk Finish 40.
Mettler Heirloom is now Silk Finish 60. In the past Heirloom and Quilting has always been silk finish and given separate names due to size.
Also, the numbers have changed and for this reason, I have put both in.
Please note You may get either of the numbers but I can guarantee that the colous are the same.
Mettler Colour Chart

Mettler Silk Finish 40 (Quilting)

$5.00 each (28 wrap)


Mettler Silk Finish 50

$5.00 each (30 wrap)


Mettler Silk Finish 60 (Heirloom)

$5.00 each (46 wrap)