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Barbara Underwood offers a graded course essential for the new newcomer to Bedfordshire Lace. It provides a thorough grounding in the techniques; the step by step instructions help provide the skills for tackling Bedfordshire patterns independently.

Introducting Traditional Bedforshire Lace in 20 Lessons: $50.00

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In this book, Pamela has aimed at both beginner and the lacemaker who wishes to produce quick lace forms. After a few chapterd on equipment and basic stitches, the reader is shown the various types of lace. Superbly illustrated and clearly written, this book will appeal to lacemakers of all skills.

Bobbin Lace Making: $30.00

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This book is filled with patterns that you can use to mark any occasion using plant and flower motifs. A variety of bobbin lace techniques are involved. The patterns have been contributed by a worldwide team of expert lacemakers, under the guidance of Bridget Cook.

Plants and Flowers in Lace: $28.00

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This book is filled with patterns that you can use to mark any birthday, or indeed any occasion of personal importance. Includes all signs of the zodiac.

Birthdays and Birth Signs: $22.00

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In Dutch and Traslated from Dutch
In this book you will find 37 original pieces of work, performed in different techniques. For the most part they are photographed in full size and provided with work descriptions and set-up patterns. The associated work patterns can be taken from the book for direct use on the lace bobbin.

Kantklospatronen: $50.00

IBSN: 978 064656053 3

Introduction to Bobbin Lacemaking contains extensive diagrams and exercises with information on equipment and materials and detailed instructions on preparing work, including pattern construction.

Introduction to Bobbin Lace Making: $38.00

Months of preparation were required for the summer hats project. Freinds and family of the Author were asked to find mathematical soulutions to geometric and creative problems, often at unsociable hours. English intrepation insert included.

Summer Hats: $40.00

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The first chapters show how to make lace for costume dolls, ranging in sizes from 6 to 24 inches. In addition to bobbin and needlelace, the book incorperates embroidery techniques such as blackwork and quilting. The projects include lace collars, petticoats, ruffles, sleeves, stoles, fans and edgings. The author then turns to doll houses where patterns are provided for the dining room, the living room and the bedroom. A final chapter on dressing dolls and making up the costumes is accompanied by pattern pieces.

Lace for Dolls: $35.00

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With this book, lacemaking skills can be used to celebrate important events, or to simply enjoy for what they are. You will give everlasting pleasure, to yourself, and to your family and friends.

Special Occasions in Lace: $22.00

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The Technique of Bobbin Lace has enjoyed prime position on the bookshelves of lace enthusiasts for the past 20 years. Introductory sections explain equipment and preperation terms and methods and lead onto more challenging chapters. Joining and Mounting has it's own seperate section. Covers Torchon, Bucks and Bedfordshire Laces.

The Technique of Bobbin Lace:$40.00

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Milanese has a greater variety of decorative stitches within braid than any other lace New Braids and Designs is a collection of 43 beautiful new braids, including 2 spiral braids, and 40 original patterns. All come with diagrams, photographs and full instructions.

New Braids and Designs in Milanese lace: $35.00

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A Torchon design is modified here to 10 very different tips and inserts. The author plays with shapes, colors, sizes and applications. Featuring a handkerchief lace, a border for a round and an oval doily, a hexagonal insert, a table runner and the heart-shaped cups for the typical Danish Christmas tree. Includes an illustration, the bobbin lace and a color-coded technical drawing for each pattern.

Variations in Torchon: $35.00

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Here is a collection of 100 traditional patterns for Bucks Point lace. The diagrams are colour coded for clarity and each pattern is printed in detail, diarammatic form. Not only are there 100 traditional patterns contained in this book, but the majority have an unusual or interesting feature in their construction, not readily observed or perhaps fully appreciated at first glance.

100 Traditional Bobbin Lace Patterns: $35.00

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It was the little flaxen haired children of the authors neighbourhood that inspired the lace pictures in the book. Watching a sleeping baby, seeing it wake up, confidently studying its surroundings, grasping everything new with sparkling eyes. A beautiful book of children in lace doing all sorts of things.

Children in Bobbin Lace: $50.00

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Knotted Lace is an ancient craft that is still practised in the Eastern Mediterranean today. It is known under a variety of names including dandella, Armenian Lace and Nazareth lace. Step by step instructions make it simple to follow the instructions for the many different motifs and designs it is possible to create.

Knotted Lace in the Eastern Mediterrian Tradition: $30.00

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Bruges Flower Lace is one of the most beautiful forms of traditionalContinental bobbin lace. This illustrated guide describes the basic techniques used in the lace and provides detailed explanations. The instructions are accompanied by photographs, prickings and diagrams.

Bruges Flower Lace: $35.00

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Softbook Pattern Book with a short introduction to techniques. Patterns include some Christmas items, flowers and leaves and people Pictures, Pricking and thread available but no working instructions.

Bobbin Lace Patterns 1998: $38.00

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Enjoy recreating the exquisite knitted lace of Victorian times. An extensive and varied collection of original old patterns, embellished with line drawings to fit the period. The knitting terms have been updated and all samples tested. The book contains patterns suitable for both beginners and experienced knitters.

Classic Knitted Cotton Edgings: $25.00

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Create a full alphabet in exquisite colured bobbin lace. 24 further designs show the potential of the alphabet as a design source. Showcases the authors unique use of coloured thread. Comprehensive instructions, including pricking nd pin reference charts.

Alphabet Inspirations in Coloured Bobbin Lace: $38.00

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22 Patterns for the beginner or experienced lacemaker. A very popular book with 3 dimensional crib and 9 figures, 2 sheep, ram, dog, ox, donkey, star. The working diagrams are instructive and precise. The book had Danish, German and English text.

The Crib: $45.00

IBSN 0 7134 8626 0

Full coloured photographs and colour coded diagrams throughout. Brief multi language instructions. Nearly 30 original and attractive bobbin lace patterns, designed and worked by the author. Can be used as a straight pattern book or as a source of stitches and techniques.

Building Torchon Lace Patterns: $40.00

IBSN 978 87 90277 22 2

12 new ideas for birds, peacocks, angels, and table decorations. The models all come with precise and instructive diagrams.

Jana's Xmas 2013: $40.00

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New Patterns in Honiton contains thirty new designs that have been worked by experienced lacemakers. Each pattern has been interpreted in an original style and is illustrated with a photo of the finished work, a pricking and a working diagram.

New Patterns in Honiton Lace: $35.00

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The coloured paper strings used in this book are very common in Finland. Patterns for butterfly, angels, flowers and more.

Bobbin Lace with Paper Strings: $40.00

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A coloured packed guide to making decorative lace and lace accessories, Lace in Miniature shows you how to create not only appealing in their own right but also suitble for dolls.Conceived to met the need for lace patterns small enough for dolls clothes on a scale of 1/4 to 1/12, this book developed to encompass a range of accessories using both bobbin and needle lace. In addition, patterns for some of the complete costumes are provided.

Lace in Miniature: $40.00

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A new and innovative approach which expands on the traditional techniques of shuttle and needle tatting and introduces the technique of inverted tatting.

New Dimensions in Tatting: $20.00

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Text is in German and translates to: Designing for Bruges Flower Lace. This has been translated via Google translate.

If you wish to develop your own pattern for the brugger flower technique, you should have the necessary basic knowledge, such as the booklet published in the same publisher, brugger flowers, introduction to a trimmed-down technique by J.E.H. The book by Bridgett M. Cook, Handbook of the technique for Fragan's method of working, these works should also be consulted. The patterns raised and stepped up in the first-mentioned publication reveal the most important elements for compositions with bruger flowers. In this book, you can find a lot of designs with new interpretations and application possibilities. A chapter is devoted to the design of a whole pattern that is applied to a section.Additional technical details are presented and traditional forms are further developed. different styles not only have different degrees of difficulty, but also offer something for every taste.

Brugger-Blumen Kloppelspitzen: $30.00

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It's tatting as you have never seen it before. Here are 50 fabulous projects for you to make some of the most attractive items you have ever produced. After looking through the gallery of gorgeous full colour photos, you will instantly want to get started on these wonderful projects. With over 100 designs for inspitation, you can apply these patterns to literlally hindreds of projects. Even if you have never tied a knot before, with these complete instructions and step by step illustrations covering every aspect of tatting, you will be able to begin immediately and get sensational results.

A New Twist on Tatting: $29.00

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Limerick is probably the most famous of all Irish Laces. The making of Limerick Lace was made possibl when machine made net became readily available, as it is a form of embroidery on net, being either chain stitch (tambour) or darned net (run) lace, or a combination of both techniques. This Book is in 3 parts. The first deals with the invention of Limerick Lace and its history, the second with Mrs Florence Vere O'Brien and her contribution to Limerick and its lace workers, while the third deals with the techniques used in making Linmerick lace, the materials and designs, preperation and sewing, and filling and embroidery stititches.

Limerick Lace: $35.00

IBSN 0 85105 512 5

White on white embroidery in various forms has been practiced in Ireland for several centuries. Mountmellick work is probably the best known style of Irish white embroidery and is named after the town where the craft was developed in the early decades of the 19th century.

Mountmellick Work: $35.00

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The book is in Dutch. Translated using Google translate.

We are pleased to be able to add 20 valenciennes variations to our book in the bobbin area. The patterns in this book are arranged according to ascending difficulty. Our aim was always to come up with a design with the possibility to use it. With this aim in mind, we opted for a square mesh with a geometric design, which benefits the corners. The free designs are only indicated in contour; the number of pairs to be used is determined by the order of work and the creativity of the spoolster.

Valenciennes Varieties: $30.00

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New and Original flower lace patterns. Projects for all levels of skills. Motifs large and small. Ideas and inspiration for every lacemaker.

Rosaline Lace: $35.00

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The idea of a book based on a collection of lace now in the Cecil Higgins Art gallery, Bedfordshire, arose in an interest shown in his lace by pracrising lacemakers who, in the last few years ahve revived what was once a local cottage industry as a craft of leisure. The collection was bequeathed to the town of Bedford in 1945 by Miss Amy Lester, She was the daughter of Thomas James Lester, the last member of a family who had been in business as lace dealers in Bedford from the 1820's to 1905.

Thomas Lester, his Lace and the East Midlands Industry: $45.00

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A range of bobbin lace techniques including Milanese, Withof, Honiton, Duchesse and briges. Combining coloured threads are featured. Over 20 patterns including Dainties, Second Thoughts, Morning Glory, Crocus Leaves, Fishtails, String of Pearls, Pescoso, Celtic Fish, Sea Swirl and On Refelction. Each pattern graually developes the required skills with step by step instructions, prickings and photographs.

Special Effects in Bobbin Lace: $50.00

IBSN 0 8069 5822 7

It only takes a few easy stitches and a few short hours to master Filet Crochet. Then, you'll be able to create wonderful items for every room in the house or elegant thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list. This book is filled with more than 100 great projects, all shown in full colour, with wasy to follow instructions and graphs - plus a step by step course in the back.

The Filet Crochet Book: $35.00

IBSN 3 925184 72 4

11 Bobbin Lace patterns from Peniche, with photographs, diagrams, prickings and working instructions.
Short historical introduction. Written in Portugese, English and German.

Bobbin Lace of Peniche: $32.00

IBSN 1 883010 40 3

Nancie Wiseman has lovingly recreated each pattern from Blanche Bean's lace knitting notebook, found in the attic of her home. The patterns are updated with easy to follow abbreviations and termiology, and are all presented in chart form and with row by row text. Ways to use the lace are offered through fifteen projects.

Lace from the Attic: $30.00

IBSN 3 925184 82 1

In German and translated from German.

24 patterns for poinsettia, jewels with illustration, tobbone letter, instructions and, if necessary, detail drawing - provide rich opportunities to spare the coming dark season. So, the anticipation of the Christmas party becomes visible when another star appears on each advent day

Gekloppelte Weihnachtssterne: $32.00