6 Reasons

There are many reasons a thread will end up in the specials page.

1: The company itself will not answer my emails about creating a wholesale account. After a few years one must admit defeat and give up on that thread.
2: The people in charge are somewhat arrogant and difficult, and seriously, I do not need that kind of negativity in my life.
3: Some threads were sent by mistake and it is just easier to accept then them rather than sending them back. In these cases, once explained to the company, they will offer them at half price.
4: Something I will not do anymore. I might get a phone call asking for a certain colour or thread and when I get it in and tell them, they don't get back to me so I am stuck with it. Also please note that as a wholesaler I have to usually buy at least boxes of 5, and quite often boxes of 10 and 20.
5: Threads I inherited when I bought the business and I have no idea where to buy them from.
6: Last but not least... the thread is no longer been produced. Companies go down all the time and they also delete some of their own stock.

I guarantee that all the threads in this section fall under one of these categories.